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Tai Sik Lee

Tai Sik Lee, Ph.D., ArbitratorTaiSikLee_Photo

283, Goyang-daero, Ilsanseo-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, 10223, Rep. of Korea (ROK)
Tel: +82-31-910-0001,
President, Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology
President, Korean Federation of Engineering Organizations
Professor, Hanyang University


President Tai Sik Lee is currently serving as the President of the Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology (KICT). As President, he oversees the direction and focus of KICT, a government-sponsored research institute responsible for establishing government policies and performing R&D to enable convenient, safe, and highquality land development for the nation of Korea. Dr. Lee also currently served as a professor of the College of Engineering Sciences at Hanyang University, South Korea, since 1994. He received his B.S. degree in Civil Engineering from Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, and continued on to receive both his M.S. and Ph.D. in Construction Management at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, U.S.A.. Since receiving his Ph. D. degree over 30 years ago, Dr. Lee has been successful in utilizing his knowledge and skills for a multitude of endeavors in the industry, the government, research institutes, academia and the general society.

In 2015, Dr. Lee has played a main role in establishment of Construction Industry Innovative Center for strengthening of construction engineering technology, making and running various programs for the development assistance to developing countries, providing technical international-corporation, educating advanced construction technology for the developing countries, and strengthening the construction technology of the developing countries through transferring advanced construction technology. Additionally, Dr. Lee has launched several international communities such as the OECD Space Forum (2006) and led international conference such as COP211, 7th world water forum, the 25th World Road Congress in 2015, and ASCE Earth & Space Conference (2008 & 2012). Dr. Lee has many domestic & international social activities such as the president of KICEM2 (1999), KAPSM3 (2004), KSR4 (2010), KSCE5 (2010), Region 10 Board of ASCE (2008), KFEO6 (2015), the Korean representative of WFEO7 (2015), the vice president of KOFST8 (2015), and active member of NAEK9.

Dr. Lee has been honored by many awards over the years. Followings are the representatives. The Doyak Medal – the Order of Science and Technology Merit, awarded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, which is one of the highest national honors for a Korean scientist and engineer (2010); the Presidential Award awarded by the Ministry of Science and Technology (2004); Young Engineer of the Year, awarded by the National Academy of Engineering of Korea (2004); and the Distinguished Alumni Award, awarded by the University of Wisconsin-Madison (1999).

In relation to his education and research, he published 75 refereed papers, presented 297 conference proceedings, and published 21 books which include such topics as global climate change, sustainable development, construction engineering and management, and other social and scientific issues. Through these national and international efforts, Dr. Lee has mainly contributed to growing the international construction industry, supporting the construction technology of developing countries, and the future development of the space construction such as Moon and Mars as well.

1 COP21 : 21st United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Paris, France
2 KICEM : Korea Institute of Construction Engineering and Management
3 KAPSM : Korea Association of Procurement and Supply Management
4 KSR : Korean Society for Railways
5 KSCE : Korean Society of Civil Engineers
6 KFEO : Korean Federation of Engineering Organizations
7 WFEO : World Federation of Engineering Organizations : 88 countries, 570 organizations
8 KOFST : Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies : 590 organizations
9 NAEK : National Academy of Engineering of Korea

Abstract of the keynote lecture

Future Technology in civil engineering – smart city and space technology

The lecture will focus on predicting the future society using smart city, Hyperloop and space construction technology. Each of them is one of the future convergence technologies in civil engineering. IoT-enabled smart city is an example of the convergence technology between civil engineering and ICT (Information & Communication Technology). It will be the future technology that enables to improve the quality of life and enhance the safety and convenience of the city and citizens. Hyperloop is a new concept of ultra-high-speed transportation system (1,200km/hr). KICT propose the Hyperloop system to connect between smart cities and Asian countries. Additionally, space construction technology is one of cutting edge technologies in civil engineering. A detailed explanation of the current progress, future plans, and its application of the cooperation between NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) of USA and Korea will be addressed during the presentations.

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